Predictions for August from Thomas John:
August has a positive and loving energy to it and definitely calmer than July. The energy profile of August seems calm, relaxed, and easy. I would expect in this month you will face little in the way of obstacles or blocks as you move forward with projects. An energy theme that comes up this month is about new beginnings. Remember, that 2020 was a year of trials and tests. 2021 is really the year of manifestation, positivity, and high energy. Things are going to be happening in 2021 at a high velocity rate. Several of the energy profiles thus far have explained about how the energy surrounding time is really shifting. This month, in particular, is critical if you want to begin something new in your life. I feel that we will all be experiencing cycles of newness during the month of August, into September. Finally, I want to talk about a crucial theme I see that comes up in August, but also was part of earlier months, and by this point in the year, you might have already seen a lot of this already coming up. But I want to talk about in August because I see it in a BIG WAY in August, but again, you might have already seen or felt pieces with it. The energy and frequency I am seeing is the rise of the BLENDING of SCIENCE AND INTUITION. This is a powerful energy that is a HUGE part of 2021. We are going to see these worlds, which have long been separate, intimately connected. This has the potential for HUGE change in our life as we build on these major strengths.

Things to be open to or hopeful of: Try and make this month a very positive month. We are at the end of summer and the shift towards positivity and love should be easier to obtain. Remember, new beginnings can be formed this month and manifest them!

Things to be aware or cautious of: Keep your projects in check. Make sure you constantly work on whatever you want your new beginnings to be. Don’t let negativity creep in, make sure to stay positive. The energy of this month will be intense, fast moving and high velocity. Specifically, be careful
around August 10, August 23 and August 24 as intense energy systems.

Personal Affirmation

This is the personal affirmation that Thomas John gave me at the beginning of the year. He says that affirmations really work if you say them everyday.
“I am important – I give myself the care and attention that I deserve.”

August New Moon

The date of the new moon is August 8th. Plan on a rampage of of intention on that day or the day before, then as the moon waxes beacon your intention. At the full moon, change to the receptive mode. Stop beaconing and start receiving. The gemstones to wear during the month of August are Chrome Diopside and Ruby Zoisite. These two stones are the color of money (at least in the US) and may attract prosperity to be used for causes even if the cause is yourself.

During the month of August celebrate Artgust. With art we shall be saved.