A Message To You

DandanWe were put on this beautiful earth to enjoy it, to love, and to gain knowledge. This is the Infinite plan. It was not originally intended for us to suffer. Good is positive and bad is the opposite, or negative.

According to Games of Riches, life holds three to one in favor of good over evil and it is largely a matter of individual concentration and effort as to the success of a personal effort to gain the things which each of us desires.

All of us are eager to know what the future holds. For this reason most persons, including myself, are curious as to what is beyond the curtain of tomorrow.

As a world traveler I have been constantly interested in what is commonly called “Fortune-telling.” Circling the world several times on this side of the veil and the other side of the veil as I have, ample opportunity was afforded me to visit card readers, mystics of almost every country, and to study their methods and the lore behind their art. One of the most interesting studies I made was of the fortune-telling in China, that great ocean of ancient mystic knowledge.

Based on what I have learned through these myriads of experiences I have crystallized my observations into this Game of Riches. The inspiration came through the almost innumerable pleas of my friends to have me read their fortune with cards. I did this, morning, noon, and night, and days on-end until the demand upon my time became so great that, in justice to all, I decided to place my method at the disposal not only of my intimate friends but the world at large. This I have done in Game of Riches.

Power lies within ourselves to possess the good things of life. We must concentrate on the things we want and not fret and worry about them. Few know how to concentrate and also few realize that concentration and worry are two widely different mental actions. For example, my friends see that I am successful in whatever I undertake and ask me, “why do you get so much out of life while I have to struggle so hard from everything I obtain?” Of course, I do feel sorry for them and immediately start helping to straighten out life’s tangled threads.

By means of Game of Riches everyone has what I believe to be an infallible method of concentration and by it each person can discover the road to a better and fuller life. This has been proved through the years I have used Game of Riches in guiding myself and others.

In Game of Riches, I have drawn the best from all the card mystics in the world, including the Chinese, and have welded this material and improved upon it to such an extent that this method can be declared to be entirely new and different from any other in the world.

Margarete Ward channeled through Dandan.