Cards of Your Destiny

Much of the work on this site is based on Robert Lee Camp’s extensive work on Card Science. Text followed by ©RLC is from his work and from the program the site owner has purchased to give readings to those needing assistance in their spiritual quest. If you find value in Card Science, you are advised to purchase the book Cards of Your Destiny and/or Love Cards, both by Robert Lee Camp. Robert’s site: contains a wealth of information and training about the Cards of Destiny. There is also a free reading available. NOTE: If you are on your phone and go to 7thunders for your reading, the free reading is a little hard to find. Click on the link to purchase the software, then scroll all the way to the bottom until you find a button that says “Full Site.” On the right hand side of the full site page is the free reading. There is also a wonderful app available that is only $1.99.