Gemstones for Taurus Ascendant

Best. One can wear it all though life to experience it’s mystic powers. Wearing this stone may remove obstacles and bless an individual with happiness, success, and prosperity. It is generally worn to bring about an over all well-being of an individual. It’s cosmic rays may influence wearer’s entire existence. Venus-Diamond

Venus-Clear Quartz
Beneficial. May be considered lucky. This could get destiny to work for you by wearing this stone. It could continue to bring in pleasant surprises when worn. Mercury-Emerald

Beneficial. May be considered fortunate. This stone’s Lord governs your ninth house. The house of Fortune, Wisdom, and Travel. This stone may make fortune wok for you when you need it. Good fortune may come your way in your personal and professional life. It may combat any obstacle that stands in the way of your prosperity. Saturn-Blue Sapphire

Saturn-Lapis Lazuli
Sometimes Beneficial. Consult astrologer. Sun-Ruby

Avoid Consult astrologer. Moon-Pearl



Jupiter-Yellow Sapphire


TL;DR>>In the Eastern Astrology system the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will rule the houses of your astrology chart. These houses are similar to Western Astrology but not quite. Note that Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are not considered in Eastern Astrology. Eastern Astrology planets are beneficial or troublesome depending on your Ascendant sign and what houses they rule.

Certain gemstones are ruled by the planets in this system and can be helpful in mitigating troublesome planets. Not all gemstones have a planet ruler. Eastern Astrology also has planetary periods which have no equivalent in Western Astrology. When a gemstone is listed as sometimes beneficial, it is because during that particular planetary period that gemstone will be beneficial. For example, if said person is in a Sun planetary period, a ruby or garnet may be beneficial, but an astrologer must be consulted to determine what planetary period the person is in and if that particular planet is not afflicted by other malefic planets.