Are Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Twin Flames?

We thought she was kidding, too, when Megan Fox purred about her and Machine Gun Kelly being twin flames. That was until we combined their astrological charts to find they had seven (7) chart points that were conjunct at five degrees or less. We don’t know if that proves that they are twin flames, it may not. Standard issue mortal couples usually do not have any conjunct chart points, and since twins would have nearly identical astrological charts, we can only surmise that “twin flames” would have some conjunct chart points.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s Combined Charts

Here’s her chart and Machine Gun Kelly’s with the conjunct chart points highlighted.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green’s Combined Charts

By comparison her chart with husband Brian Austin Green has a mere three (3) points conjunct, which is still amazing, but warrants only a “meh” compared to the fireworks above.

True Twins

The true twins of the Megan Fox/Machine Gun Kelly flameage is that they both have Mercury in Aries in the same degree sidereal making them both decisive, competitive, and argumentative. This may come back to haunt them as both love to debate and win those debates. They are quick on the trigger, very changeable, and lack the patience for compromise, which means that things will undoubtably come spilling out of their mouths before any thought is given to as to the sting quotient of the words. One thing is for sure there will be more zingers and quotables from these twin flames.

Megan Fox: We’re twin flames!
Machine Gun Kelly: Twin flames, it’s all a game, my love is lame, she’s to blame.
MF: I’m serious.
Brian Austin Green: No, you’re not.
MGK: Thanks a lot, I smoke pot, the ex can rot.
BAG: I’m not an ex. Not yet, Dick.
MGK: I’m not a dick, I write with a Bic, Megan’s my pick…
And Scene.

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