Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Connection 1

Meghan and Prince Harry are Venus to each other

This is one of the truly blessed connections. What it implies first of all, is that Meghan and Prince Harry were together in a meaningful way in a former lifetime. During that lifetime, they were in a significant relationship. It may or may not have been marriage. It could have been best friends, father/son, mother/son, mother/daughter, etc. The important thing is that Meghan and Prince Harry were very close in that lifetime and spent a lot of time together. Over the course of their relationship, they met with many challenges and overcame them with love, patience and perseverance. They developed a deep love for each other by having shared so much. This lifetime together created much good karma in the area of relationship because each of them made sacrifices for each other and loved each other with a high degree of integrity and commitment.

As a result, when they first met in this lifetime, they recognized a certain familiarity and also noted the ease of being together. Though they are unable to remember their previous life together, the feelings remain for each other on a soul level. When they engage in a relationship in this lifetime, they find that many of the elements that most couples have to earn by being together, such as trust and appreciation for each other, are already present for them. In essence, they already have a good foundation upon which to build any sort of relationship.

This connection is one of the ‘love at first sight’ connections. But this one is even better than most because it is a mutual connection. Mutual means that both people experience the influence equally. This has the effect of doubling the influence, and in this case, the influence is very favorable to begin with. Meghan and Prince Harry will find that this relationship is fairly easy, unless other connections strongly contradict. If this connection is between their Birth Cards, the compatibility between them is guaranteed. Having a lot of compatibility is not, however, a guarantee that the relationship itself will work. There are far too many other factors that influence the outcome of relationships for any connection to make that guarantee. However, love is definitely there, and in great abundance.

As a result of this connection, Meghan and Prince Harry already have a great deal of mutual respect, appreciation and good feelings for each other. In some cases, these feelings may be hard to explain because the two people involved may not actually have a lot in common. This connection can help show Meghan and Prince Harry just how love can overcome all differences. It is the most powerful force in the universe. There are cases, however, where two people with this connection just cannot be together in this lifetime. The differences in their lifestyle, or life direction are so great that one of them would have to give up too much to make it work. The love is there, along with the understanding that this relationship wasn’t meant to happen in this lifetime, or perhaps it will happen later in this lifetime after each has fulfilled some important work they are doing. The love between Meghan and Prince Harry will remain with them forever – through this lifetime and on into the future. That may be why so many people with this connection feel that they are soul mates. But the truth is that we have these connections with many people, but we will probably only choose to stay with one. Hopefully Meghan and Prince Harry have enough in common that this will be the case for them. If they only focus on the love they have for each other, everything will work itself out in the best way possible for all concerned. Meghan and Prince Harry are blessed to have this experience. Just meeting each other could transform their lives.

Affirmation for Meghan: With Prince Harry, I experience a love that is true and timeless. I am learning that love transcends all boundaries that exist between people and am gratified by being with him. I am truly grateful for this special relationship and consciously choose to expand this love we share so deeply.

Affirmation for Prince Harry: There is a love I feel for Meghan that is hard to explain, and yet feels so right. I appreciate her presence in my life and welcome the opportunity to be together and experience this love we share.