Queen of Spades in the House of Moon

Queen of Spades [the card of gratitude] is coming forth from the House of Moon to let you know that a mean woman will cause trouble by taking your sweetheart from you or some mean woman may cause trouble between married people or an ungrateful person you have helped causes trouble or one you love is ungrateful.

The House of Moon represents a mystery about the beautiful Moon, which speaks for lovers. It has much to do with our destiny through life, through those we love or love us, as well as the destiny of the world. Moon represents romance, wooing, courting, or dating as relationships tend to develop by the light of the moon. The word honeymoon may have been derived from the words “sweet” and “month” meaning the first month of a marriage is usually the sweetest.

Game of Riches is your fortune told with 32 Cards in 32 Houses. Each card’s fortune is different depending on which House it falls in. According to Games of Riches, life holds three to one in favor of good over evil and it is largely a matter of individual concentration and effort as to the success of a personal effort to gain the things which each of us desires. As you read through your fortune, focus on the message through the lens of your heart’s desire.

There are always unseen forces working in your favor. Concentrate on your wish or good fortune and not how it will manifest. Let IT surprise and Amaze you. If the fortune seems somewhat unpleasant, do not disregard. Sometimes, providence has to place something unpleasant in your way so you go in another direction. Take it as a sign you have been focused on what you don’t want. You don’t sit down at a restaurant or pull up to the drive through and tell the waiter or order-taker everything on the menu that you don’t want. Focus on what you DO want.

In general,
a heart represents love, emotion, and friendship; anything of a personal nature
a diamond represents fortune, riches, and wealth
♣ a club represents luck, wisdom, business, and growth
♠ a spade represents labor, transformation, and unpleasant things

Game of Riches Reading
Game of Riches Reading
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