Wearable Energy Grid for Australia

Celestite/Sodalite Bracelet

A Wearable Energy Grid/Meditative Prayer/Intention Bracelet for Australia

The events happening in Australia have been devastating. This bracelet will assist in your intention to pray for the situation in Australia.

Here are some organisations who would benefit from donations:

WIRES an organisation that looks after injured and orphaned wildlife.


New South Wales Rural Fire Service – in Australia nearly all our fire fighters are volunteers. They do a wonderful job and some have lost their lives fighting these recent fires.
About the RFS https://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/

Donations to RFS:


Red Cross:


Stones Needed For Wearable Energy Grid

Celestite Beads

Fourteen (14) to Eighteen (18) Celestite Beads (depending on length needed)

Celestite stones are the color of the early sky and raindrops, a soft, light blue. Celestite across the pulse point of the wrist assists in setting up a higher vibration for a better connection with higher realms such as angels, guides, and guardian angels. Positive intentions will flow better and radiate throughout the day. Negative energy cannot penetrate this positive vibration. Angelite may be used, also.

Sodalite Beads

Four (4) Sodalite Beads

Sodalite stones are the color of oceans and snow or clouds. Sodalite’s purpose is to calm fears and soothe the mind. Being in its vibration will assist the wearer in creating a clearer path for an intention.

Five (5) Stainless Steel Beads

Stainless Steel is an affordable metal for jewelry with great powers of protection. As it touches the skin, it creates an additional calming vibration. Here it acts as the guardian of the Sodalite.

Grid Construction

  1. Use Stretchy cord a yard or meter in length. Thread the cord through a bead threader. Bring the bead threader to the middle of the cord so that the beads will be strung on two cords.
  2. Start with one (1) Stainless Steel bead followed by one (1) Sodalite bead. Repeat until there are four (4) Stainless Steel beads alternated with four (4) Sodalite beads. Add one (1) more Stainless Steel bead.
  3. Add Celestite beads until the bracelet will fit the wrist.
  4. Tie off cord. Add a drop of glue to the knot.
  5. Once the glue is dry, hide the knot in the Stainless Steel bead.