How to Find Your Google Place

Google may already have a Place for you. You will need to claim the Place in order to use it.
There are many ways to find your Google Place page, but this way is easy.

1. Go to Google. Click on “Maps.”

2. Type in your industry and location. Click on the magnifying glass.

3. You will be taken to a Google Map. Listings with “pin balloons” are on the left. Map is on right.

4. Find your business balloon and click on the name (if you are there). This is the number one spot. I hope this is you.

5. This is the Google Places page. If the business has not claimed its Google Place, “Business owner?” appears in the upper right corner. This owner has not.

6. Google Places page with Owner-verified listing.

7. Click on “Business owner?” to claim your Google Place.

How to find your Google Place .pdf