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What You (maybe) Didn’t Know About Kim Kardashian West


There cannot be any argument that Kim Kardashian West dominants the world in terms of celebrity, wealth, beauty, and influence. The reality TV star has made several fortunes in the business world for her mobile game, emojis, and just recently her cosmetics company—KKW Beauty—has generated more than $100 million in sales in 2018 according to Forbes. Her name is on clothing, perfume, shapewear, tanning products, and much more. You know all this. You may even know her birthday (October 21, 1980), birth time (10:46 am), and birth place (Los Angeles, CA). Source: Astro.com.
What you may not have seen before is Kim Kardashian West’s Astromap of the United States.


The Astromap Theory is that at the moment someone was born, they could have been at any other location on earth at that same time. Wondering what your birth chart would have looked like if you were born in another place, say New York or Chicago? Plug in your birthday and the new location with a new birth time that would be equal to the time at the new location. The theory goes that if you were to move to this location or interact with this location, your experience would be reflected in this new birth chart. There are four points on a person’s chart that if a planet is close enough to the point, the planet seems to be more activated than when just residing in a house. They are the Ascendant or Rising Sign (self), the Midheaven (career), Descendant (others), and Imum Coeli or IC (foundation). Jim Lewis first created a map showing where a person’s planets would be residing on these points at the time of their birth all over the world. He called this map and the interpretation art from the map Astro*Carto*Graphy™. (Called Astromap here.) Why is this information relevant? There are some planets that theoretically bestow great benefits when sitting on these points. Moving to or interacting with these location points on their Astromap could produce these benefits. This is just a theory.

Conjunctions of Jupiter

A conjunction is when two points occupy the same space (or close to it) at the same time. The planet Jupiter is associated with, among other things, abundance, wisdom, good fortune, etc. A conjunction of Jupiter and the Ascendant indicates optimism and self-confidence. With the Midheaven, Jupiter is favorable for attaining prominence. When Jupiter is conjunct the Descendant, it could indicate good fortune through marriage and partnership. With the IC, Jupiter is favorable for real estate or anything related to the home.

Kim’s Jupiter

In the Sidereal system, Kim’s Jupiter resides at 5°23′ Virgo in the 11th House. In terms of Vedic Astrology, this is one of the best placement of a planet in a house for wealth and success in all undertakings. Her Jupiter is conjunct her Midheaven in her Natal Chart, and as we can see in her Astromap, her Jupiter-Midheaven line runs close to Los Angeles. Kim has only to stay in Los Angeles, and she can’t help but be successful and wealthy. Interesting side note: according to The Stars and Your Future by M.C. Jain, Kim’s Jupiter is in the Degree of Elegance ruled by Venus. The symbol: “A large ball-room in which men and women are dancing.” The meaning: “Denotes one of light and free mind who allows nothing to oppress them. They meet with favors and enjoy gifts. They love the beautiful in form and color. Scents and perfumes fascinate them. It is one of the psychological degree.”*

That’s Not All

In Kim’s Astromap there’s a Moon on the IC line that also runs close to Los Angeles. Kim’s Moon is waxing in the Fifth House at 4°39′ Pisces. This Moon indicates she will be highly intelligent, passionate about her beliefs, and have many wonderful children who will also grow up to do great things. The IC provides the strong anchor of home, and there’s no denying the importance of Kim’s Mother in her life.

What Can We Conclude

Kim should initiate any business ideas or projects from her home in Los Angeles. The planets tend to smile on her there. Where don’t the planets smile on Miss Kim? Paris, France? One needs only to look at her Astromap of Europe. There one can see her Uranus conjunct Descendant running through Paris, France. This is the place where on October 2, 2016, Kim was robbed of $10 million worth of her jewelry. Uranus isn’t thought of as a bad planet, but there’s no doubt that weird things happen when Uranus is involved. Perhaps some lucky charms might be in order the next time, Kim.

KKW Europe

*Pronouns changed to plural and English: UK spellings changed to English: USA.
~Deb Christiansen