Charlie’s Emporium Website

Charlie’s Emporium is an antique store and much more in Crystal Falls, MI in the UP of Michigan.

The Charlie’s Emporium website was done with WordPress and the Twenty Sixteen theme. Because there needed to be some alterations on the theme, a child theme was created.

Alterations were:
  • Removal of the Page title. (I didn’t like having to think of a word that would describe the home page. Home? Welcome? A repeat of the site title?)
  • Removal of author information, date, etc. (didn’t want this either.)
  • Adjustment of post page to fill the void left with the removal of the author and date data.
  • Made the site title font bigger, and used some Google fonts. “Spirax” for the site-title and “Abhaya Libre” for entry-title.
  • Add Posts to Pages
  • All In One SEO Pack
  • All In One WP Security
  • Easy Facebook Feed (I tried a couple before finding this one. “Custom Facebook Feed” didn’t post the photos without paying. Plus, there were hoops to jump through to get it to work. “Facebook Feed Add” was kind of, sort of glitchy. The short-code didn’t work in the widget.) All that’s needed for this one is the Facebook page ID. I did change the colors through the plugin editor.
  • Easy Twitter Feed Widget (I used this on my daughter’s site. She only does Twitter. You can follow her @scobeywankenobi.)
  • Enhanced Text Widget (I installed this because the “Facebook Feed Add” needed it to make its short code work. It didn’t end up working, and I didn’t end up using this plug-in. See above. I may end up using the Enhanced Text Widget, but I seem to recall some security problems with it if you use php in it. Just to know.)
  • No Page Comment (I’ve used this plug-in for a long time. It should be one of the first plug-ins you install. Takes care of comments on pages and posts. Settings are under “Settings”
  • Post Expirator
  • Postie (Just started using this one. It actually does create a post from the email, which is great for Charlie’s owner who can now take pictures on her phone and just email them to her site. The emails go to the category “whats-in-store” and then displayed on their own page via the “Add Posts to Pages” plug-in.)
  • Posts in Sidebar
  • Search Everything (This allows your search to actually work.)
  • WP Cerber (Login security with a pitbull.)